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Omegon Seastar 8x42 monocular with compass

Omegon Seastar 8x42 monocular with compass
Omegon Seastar 8x42 monocular with compass
Omegon Seastar 8x42 monocular with compass
Omegon Seastar 8x42 monocular with compass
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Omegon Seastar 8x42 monocular with compass
Omegon Seastar 8x42 monocular with compass
Omegon Seastar 8x42 monocular with compass
Omegon Seastar 8x42 monocular with compass
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Omegon Seastar 8x42 monocular with compass
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Product description:

Omegon Seastar Mono - The 8x42 monocular with compass

It is not always practical to carry a heavy pair of binoculars around with you. You might want to pack minimal luggage, but not want to give up the convenience being able to take a closer look. The Omegon Seastar 8x42 monocular fits in into any jacket pocket and provides a bright and sharp image.

The optics aren't everything - or are they?

With binoculars is somewhat different: the optics are one of the most important characteristics for a pair of binoculars The Omegon Seastar monocular offers a real advantage here: as opposed to most monoculars, it provides a bright image even when in twilight.

With its 42mm objective diameter, the Seastar gives a significantly brighter image than most of its competitors, many of whom have only 25mm objectives. Even so, this monocular can be used comfortably in one hand. The side-mounted wrist strap means it always sits perfectly in the hand to offer comfortable observing.

Take a look through the instrument; you will see an evenly clear and sharp image right out to the edge of the field of view. In addition, the lenses and BAK-4 prism are FMC multi-coated, which means high contrast and little reflection.

The Compass

Orientation is extremely important for sailors, adventurers and other outdoor enthusiasts! This is the reason that the Seastar monocular has a built-in compass. If you look through the instrument, you immediately see an overlay displaying degrees. This reads from 0 to 360 degrees - with one degree divisions allowing you to point accurately.

The height scale allows you to easily assess the size and distance of any object.

Robust - as called for by its use

Your monocular is not just made ​​for the display case - it is designed for use in the woods and fields and for rain, heat and other extreme conditions. The Seastar Monocular is tough and rugged, with thick rubber armouring. Of course this means it can be gripped securely, but also that it is extremely impact-resistant.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • compact: a fast monocular for your pocket
  • orientation: The built-in compass always shows you the direction
  • 42mm lens: 36 times more light than the naked eye alone
  • excellent contrast : multi-coated and with high light transmission BAK -4 prisms
  • extremely durable for outdoor use - which is what it is designed for




Type of build Monocular 
Magnification 8
Front lens diameter (mm) 42 
Exit pupil (mm) 5,3
Eye relief (mm) 18,0
Eyepiece cups folding
Glass material BaK-4 
Lens coating fully, multiple
Focusing system Central focusing 

Special features

Zoom function -
Image stabilizer -
Rangefinder - (scale)
Threaded tripod connector -
Splash-proof yes
Protection bagyes
Eyepieces for spectacle wearers yes
Compass yes
Watertight yes

Field of view

True field of view (°) 7
Field of view at 1,000 m (m) 123
Close focus limit (m) 12,2
Light intensity 28,09
Twilight factor 18,3


Surface material Rubber armouring
Weight (g)340

Area of application

Astronomy not recommended
Bird watching not recommended
Hunting not recommended
Travel and sportsgood
Sailing good
Theatre not recommended

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