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Book Насекомые
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Product Code: 9785353057642
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Book Птицы
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Product Code: 9785506022848
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Nature Guide: Bird Watching
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Brand: Zvaigzne ABC Product Code: 9789934004551
Use this wonderful book to look into the world of birds!Read fascinating facts about birds and discover that one of the best places to watch birds is your room window. Immerse yourself in the mysterious life of garden birds and follow the instructions for drawing birds, preparing feeders and other t..
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Ceļvedis dabā: Augi, putni un kukaiņi, Hamfriss Kristofers Dž. u.c.
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Brand: Zvaigzne ABC Product Code: 9789934009389
Brīnišķīgi ilustrētais, parocīgais ceļvedis būs neaizstājams padomnieks visiem, kuriem patīk daba un kuri mēdz jautāt: Kas tas ir? Grāmatu sarakstījuši izcili savas jomas speciālisti, un tajā ir plaša, lietišķa informācija, kā noteikt sugu vairāk nekā 500 augiem un dzīvniekiem. Katrai sugai ir dots ..
13.25€ 13.95€
Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape Our Futures
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Brand: Bodley Head Ltd, the Product Code: 9781847925206 we think of fungi, we probably think of mushrooms. But mushrooms are only fruiting bodies, analogous to apples on a tree. Most fungi live out of sight, yet make up a massively diverse kingdom of organisms that support and sustain nearly all living systems. The more w..
16.10€ 16.95€
Birds of Britain and Europe: The Definitive Photographic Field Guide, HUME ROB Birds of Britain and Europe: The Definitive Photographic Field Guide, HUME ROB
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Brand: Dorling Kindersley Product Code: 9780241414538
This definitive and bestselling field guide is the perfect companion for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers.Now revised and updated, this lavishly illustrated bird book includes crystal-clear photography and the latest taxonomic changes. From Robins to Jays, from Kingfishers to Ravens, this is your..
18.95€ 19.95€
Nature Encyclopedia, BURNIE DAVID
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Brand: Kingfisher Product Code: 9780753444597
The Kingfisher Nature Encyclopedia explores the amazing diversity of life on Earth, from microscopic organisms to giant redwoods and blue whales, and on every part of the Earth's surface from tropical rainforests to dark ocean depths. If you want one nature encyclopedia, this is it!Kingfisher&a..
21.80€ 22.95€
Lonely Planet's Natural World Lonely Planet's Natural World
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Brand: Lonely Planet Publ Product Code: 9781788689397
Publishing houseLonely Planet PublicationsYear of issue2020Type of bindingHardcoverPlace of issueLondonPage count320Size27.6cm x 23.6cm x 2.6cmWeight (kg)1.8200LanguageEnglishThis beautiful and inspiring book is an authoritative and timely account of our planet's natural wonders, explaining how..
28.45€ 29.95€
Science of the Ocean: The Secrets of the Seas Revealed
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Brand: Dorling Kindersley Product Code: 9780241415252
About this bookDive into this uniquely elegant visual exploration of the seaAn aesthetic look at marine life and the ocean environment, this book uses astounding photography and clear diagrams to make marine biology and oceanography accessible and an enjoyable visual experience. The Science of the O..
31.30€ 32.95€
Flora: Inside the Secret World of Plants Flora: Inside the Secret World of Plants
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Brand: Dorling Kindersley Product Code: 9780241254806
Discover the extraordinary world of flowers, trees, and foliage plants in this beautiful celebration of the plant kingdom. Perfect for plant lovers, gardeners, and naturalists, the exquisite images on every page unearth a wealth of floral delight.Whether it's tiny mosses, delicate ferns, vibran..
32.25€ 33.95€
Complete Birds of Britain and Europe, Hume Rob Complete Birds of Britain and Europe, Hume Rob
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Brand: Dorling Kindersley Product Code: 9780241412701
Lavishly illustrated throughout with crystal-clear photography, this guide is the essential reference for the novice and experienced birdwatcher. This large format book starts with an extensively illustrated introduction, describing bird characteristics and behaviour. It also surveys the varied habi..
36.05€ 37.95€
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