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Brand: Burrel Product Code: 830013
Burrel trail camera can be connected to an external 6V lead acid battery with this cable. Please note that cable and lead acid battery are sold separately.Cable legth 1.5 metersCompatible with all Burrel trail camerasCAUTION! Burrel trail cameras are only compatible with 6V lead acid batteries. 6V A..
Brand: Burrel Product Code: 840002
Easy to use tree mount for Burrel trail cameras. The tree mount is equipped with a standard screw thread. Attach your trail camera with this mount to a wall, tree or any wooden material. Compatible with Burrel lead-acid battery holder.Compatible with all Burrel trail cameras..
Brand: Burrel Product Code: 840011
High quality Burrel wall mount for trail cameras. Three screw holes makes it easy to attach to wall. Camera position can be easily changed after attaching.Three holes for screwsCompatible with all Burrel trail camerasPackage includes wall mount, screws and screwing tool..
Brand: Burrel Product Code: 870007
This antenna is compatible with most of the cellular trail cameras excluding Burrel Edge HD+4GFeatures:Length: 20cmOther: Can be rotated 180 degrees and bent up to 90 degreesCompatible with most of the cellular trail cameras (2G and 3G)..
Product Code: 32GBSD
Samsung Micro SD EVO Plus 32GB / Micro / Adapter / Speed 95 Mb / SMemory capacity: 32 GBFormat: Micro SDSpeed Class: 10Adapter included: SD..
Brand: Burrel Product Code: BR560
AC Power Adapter for Burrel Slot CamerasUse the AC power source to connect the Burrel Slot Machine to AC power so you can operate the camera without battery replacement. Batteries can also be left in the gaming camera, whereby the camera will operate with them, for example during power fai..
Brand: Burrel Product Code: 870022
Burrel lead acid battery holder can be attached for example to a wall or a tree. Burrel tree mount can be used to attach both camera and battery holder.Designed for 6V 10Ah lead acid batteries..
Solar Panel - SP06 Solar Panel - SP06
Product Code: SP06
Description:Output Voltage:9vMaximum Output Current:2400mASolar panel Power:0.4wLithium-ion Polymer Battery Inside:2400mAhNote:This charger is only for SUNTEK camerasSolar panel Charger not comppatible with other brands of hunting camerasdo not peel off the water-proof silicone ruber case on the cha..
Chime PRO- INT (UK/EU Plug)
Brand: Ring Product Code: B_8AC4P6-0EU0
Chime Pro extends your Wi-Fi signal and amplifies your Ring alerts. Plug Chime Pro into any standard power outlet, link it to all your Ring devices, and get Ring alerts anywhere in your home..
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