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Microscope, Motic, Stereohead SMZ-171-BH; 7,5-50x; binocular

Microscope, Motic, Stereohead SMZ-171-BH; 7,5-50x; binocular
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Microscope, Motic, Stereohead SMZ-171-BH; 7,5-50x; binocular
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SMZ-171-BH Stereohead

Zoom-Stereomicroscope, Greenough-Type

Binoculartubus, 45º viewing angle, 360º rotable

Widefield eyepieces N-WF10X/23mm

Zoom ratio: 6,7:1, working distance 110mm

Magnification range: 7,5X - 50X

ESD -version for electrostatic sensitive industries

New materials for ESD compatibility as well as optimized LED illumination options have been added to this series to create a versatile Stereo microscope platform for a wide range of biological and material science applications. The SMZ-171’s optical performance, combined with its expanded accessory line, make it an ideal instrument for the demanding requirements for both routine and research fields. From biological and medical preparations to industrial quality control and inspection, the SMZ-171 will deliver repeatedly clear and distortion-free images. The Greenough optical system comes with a large-scale zoom range of 6.7:1, parfocal at all magnifications; while a 5-position click-stop mechanism, implemented in the continuous zoom, enables precise reproduction of magnifications for easy measurements. The working distance of 110mm in its standard configuration gives sufficient space for any kind of sample viewing and manipulation. Also, an enhanced and crisp depth-of-view produces consistent and convincing 3-dimensional upright images. Further, the SMZ-171 can convert easily into a complete documentation station by combining it with a member of the Moticam camera family.


• Greenough Optical System

• Achromatic optics with anti-fungus treatment

• Widefield binocular/trinocular 45º observation tube (light distribution 0:100 right eyetube/trinotube in photo position)

• Widefield high eyepoint eyepieces, WF 10X/23 with diopter adjustment on eyepieces +/- 5dpt

• Interpupillary distance 48-75mm

• Zoom 6.7:1; 5 clickstops

• 7.5X-50X Standard magnification

• Working distance 110mm


Zoom Range

The 6.7:1 zoom ratio in the SMZ-171 enables a standard magnification range of 7.5x-50x. While zooming, a re-adjustment of the focus position is not necessary - as the complete optical system is designed for parfocality through the complete zoom range. To increase the model´s magnification range a selection of auxiliary objectives and eyepieces are also available, extending the SMZ-171´s total magnification range from 2.25X up to 200X.

Auxiliary Objectives

With a standard working distance of 110mm, the SMZ-171 offers sufficient space for sample manipulation through various magnifications. The maximum field diameter (with lowest zoom position and 10X eyepieces) will be 30.7mm.


The SMZ-171’s standard Widefield 10x/23mm eyepieces follow the high eyepoint principle, giving spectacle wearers access to the complete field of view. Individual eyepiece diopter adjustments of +/- 5 dpt provide the best conditions for the use of reticules, while standard rubber eye guards minimize stray light and increase viewing comfort. Besides the standard 10X eyepiece magnification, the SMZ-171 Series also offers eyepieces with alternative magnifications. For measuring purposes, a series of reticules are available.

3-D Image

Motic’s SMZ-171 is based on the Greenough Optical System. The SMZ-171 delivers impressive 3-D images, distortion-free, and with a high resolving power of maximum 460 lp/mm (with 2x auxiliary objective).

The Working Distance

With its standard configuration, the SMZ-171 provides a large working distance of 110 mm, which can be easily extended to 301mm (with additional auxiliary objective 0.x). To achieve a desired total magnification, objective magnifications less than 1X may be compensated by using high magnification eyepieces

(up to 20x).

The optical heads of Motic’s SMZ-171 come as Binocular or Trinocular versions with 45° viewing angle, 10X eyepieces and a built-in 1X objective. The interlock eyepieces can be adjusted with an interpupillary distance from 48mm to 75mm. For special setups or OEM applications, a Binocular head with 60° viewing angle is available. The anti-fungus treatment of all optics allows the use of the SMZ-171 in humid environments. Besides the variability in optical setup (auxiliary objectives, eyepieces), Motic offers a wide range of stands to be used with the SMZ-171. Both the classic pole stands (pole diameter 32mm) as well as the new arm stand are available also in an ESD version for electrostatic sensitive industries.

Modular Configuration

Besides the Base stands, the SMZ-171 also offers a modular component system for personal preferences and requirements regarding the workplace setup. All these stands require a separate illumination system following the requirements of the sample.


Illumination is an integral part in the proper use of a stereo microscope. Motic offers a wide range of illumination options to be combined with the SMZ-171 optics. A ring light might be required for a shadow-free image, while the visualization of a surface structure may need a unidirectional illuminator by combining a cold light source with a light guide.

Digital Documentation

A more convenient setup is provided through Motic´s philosophy of easy image digitalization. The combination of a SMZ-171 with a member of the Moticam Series of digital cameras delivers excellent live images. All Motic cameras come equipped with software to transform the SMZ-171 into an analysis and documentation workstation. The Trinocular SMZ-171 allows the use of different camera adapters, depending on the chip size of the camera in use.


Gliding stage A 360° rotatable gliding stage, for smooth multidirectional movement of the sample.

x/y-stage An attachable

x/y-stage with 76X54mm travel range enables a precise bidirectional movement.

Polarizer, Analyzer

To analyze the birefringence of transparent materials, a polarizing set-up is required.

Darkfield insert

The iris diaphragm allows variation of the illumination aperture according to the numerical aperture of the objective in use.



  • Magnification 50

  • Eyepiece 10

  • Lighting -

  • Lamp type -

  • Optical system Greenough


  • Type of build binocular

  • Focusing Coarse movement

  • Specimen stage -

  • Working distance (mm) 110mm


  • Wide-angle eyepiece yes


  • Colour grey/black

  • Series SMZ-171


  • Industry and Materieals yes


  • Metallurgy yes

  • Mechanical engineering yes

  • Materials technology yes

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