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Bug viewer, Buki Bug viewer, Buki
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Brand: Buki Product Code: 9005
Open the observatory, place an insect inside and examine it through the magnifying glass, which enlarges 6 times!Release the insect quickly to avoid hurting it.Box dimensions 08.00 x 0.8.00 x 06.50 cmAge From 3 years old3 models : green, orange, yellow, blue...
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Binoculars, Buki, Mini Science Binoculars, Buki, Mini Science
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Brand: Buki Product Code: 9001
Binoculars designed especially for little ones to see 3 times further and observe the world around us.Light and robust, these binoculars dont need to be focused and are easy to use.Box dimensions 10.50 x 05.70 x 14.30 cmAge From 4 years oldIncluded : 1 pair of binoculars.Warning : For children aged ..
12.97€ 13.65€
Memory Gamepad, Buki Memory Gamepad, Buki
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Brand: Buki Product Code: 6209
Observe and reproduce the sound and light sequences without making a mistake!What will be your best score?Number of players : 1Box dimensions 11.00 x 10.80 x 12.00 cmAge From 5 years oldBatteries Requires 2 LR06 batteries not includedIncluded : 1 Memory Gamepad..
12.97€ 13.65€
Memo Junior, Buki Memo Junior, Buki
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Brand: Buki Product Code: 5603
Choose your card level and spin the wheel to learn your fate! Will you need to mix the boards? Who will find the most pairs?3 levels of difficulty. 12 pairs per level.Box dimensions 26.00 x 6.00 x 22.00 cmAge From 3 years oldIncluded : 1 game board to be assembled, 24 level 1 cards, 24 level 2 cards..
15.34€ 16.15€
Pixxo Junior, Buki Pixxo Junior, Buki
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Brand: Buki Product Code: 5601
Choose a sheet, and then copy the design following the correct order of tokens and colours.Playing with a friend: who'll get 3 tokens of the same colour in a line first?15 designs for copying included, 1 game grid and 50 tokens in 6 different colours.Box dimensions 35.00 x 09.00 x 27.50 cmAge F..
17.72€ 18.65€
My writing tablet, Buki My writing tablet, Buki
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Brand: Buki Product Code: 5607
An LCD screen tablet for learning to write the letters of the alphabet in capital letters and lower case cursive letters, as well as numbers from 0 to 9.Plus, learn to draw curvy and straight lines. The child puts a sheet under the tablet and practices by tracing the lines on each sheet. Erase by si..
20.43€ 21.50€
My First Clock, Buki My First Clock, Buki
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Brand: Buki Product Code: 5605
A clock with a system of questions and answers to help children learn to tell the time on both a clock face with hands and a digital dial.Children choose a clock face and learn to tell the time step by step.The first ones show different times of day while the last one shows the whole clock face.Once..
22.75€ 23.95€
Bingo Junior, Buki Bingo Junior, Buki
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Brand: Buki Product Code: 5602
Choose a card, designate a game master to do the draw, if the drawn ball appears on your card, place a token on it.The first to complete their grid wins the trophy!Box dimensions 22.50 x 16.50 x 27.50 cmAge From 3 years oldIncluded : 1 ball-holder, 10 double-side cards (20 designs), 60 tokens, 10 ba..
28.41€ 29.90€
Maths balance, Buki Maths balance, Buki
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Brand: Buki Product Code: 5604
A balance to learn how to sort colours, weigh, and easily do maths calculations!From the age of 3, children will be able to sort the tokens by colour by placing them in the matching coloured compartment.The instruction sheet includes counting exercises.Then, they can learn about weights and balance ..
28.41€ 29.90€
Pick-Up Shapes, Buki Pick-Up Shapes, Buki
-5 %
Brand: Buki Product Code: 5606
Pick up the different shapes without touching the rim and see how many you can collect!If the tweezers touch the metal rim of the tray, a light comes on and a buzzer sounds. Each shape comes in 3 different sizes, for 3 levels of difficulty.There’s a timer so that children can time themselves when pl..
28.41€ 29.90€
Mini Sciences Chemistry, Buki Mini Sciences Chemistry, Buki
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Brand: Buki Product Code: 9002
The set includes weighing scales, test tubes, beakers and a pipette.This set contains a booklet that enables parents to help their children.Features: beaker 1 (small), beaker 2 (medium-sized), beaker = (large), 2 test tubes and 2 stoppers, test tube stand, funnel, pipette, scales, illustrated instru..
28.45€ 29.95€
Microscope, Buki, Mini Sciences Microscope, Buki, Mini Sciences
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Brand: Buki Product Code: 9003
Discover the microscopic world with a microscope and child-friendly accessories. There are 10 experiments to try, explained step by step.Contains: a x10 binocular microscope with LED lighting, tweezers, pipette and Petri dish.A booklet for parents enables them to help their children.Box dimensions 3..
34.11€ 35.90€
Telescope, Buki, Mini Sciences Telescope, Buki, Mini Sciences
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Brand: Buki Product Code: 9004
Discover animals by day and the stars by night with the telescope and its specially adapted tripod. 10 activities to try, explained step by step.Contains: a x15 telescope, diameter 35 mm, a 30 cm tripod.A booklet for parents enables them to help their children.Illustrated instructions and experiment..
35.96€ 37.85€
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